Hove Town Hall

Powys made his living lecturing in girls' schools in Hove, such as those run by Miss Walder at 26 Wilbury Road, Miss Heatley at 5 The Drive and the Misses Cadwallader at 39-41 Tisbury Road, as well as several, including Mrs Barber's in Mill Road, in Eastbourne. And having established himself as a private lecturer, he decided to try his hand at lecturing in public.

' I felt however...that I would enjoy lecturing on a larger scale; giving in fact public lectures. It had been my destiny every day to pass the entrance to Hove Town Hall and it was now my destiny every day to pass the entrance to Eastbourne Town Hall. I decided to hire both these edifices.'

He tells us that his first ever audience, at Hove Town Hall, consisted of three women and a child. But over the following years his reputation grew rapidly in connection with his work for the University Extension, for which he started lecturing in1899.

To read reviews from the local press of two of JCP's later lectures at Hove Town Hall, click here.




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